Falcons Drop Third Game In a Row to Luck-less Colts

By: Gabriele Watts

We all thought that the bye week was what the Falcons needed. A chance to rest, recuperate, recharge, and refocus on getting to the playoffs. For a while in the game, that seemed to be just what the Falcons did. The whole team looked reenergized and determined to prove their doubters wrong, as they took an early 14-0 lead.

Unfortunately, as the game wore on, the Falcons’ past problems reared their ugly heads once again. Marred by turnovers and bone-headed penalties, the Falcons once again served a game up on a silver platter and lost, 24-21.

Off to a hot start

The Falcons came out firing on all cylinders. Even though they didn’t get the ball first, they intercepted the football on the first pass of the day from 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck, courtesy of Paul Worrilow. Even though Matt Bryant missed the ensuing field goal attempt, the Falcons got the ball right back by way of a fumble recovery, again, courtesy of Paul Worrilow.

Then, the offense started to click. Matt Ryan started to hit his receivers (Roddy White included) and Devonta Freeman seemed back to his old self, ripping off a 39-yard run to end up deep in Colts territory (he had to leave the game two plays later because of a diagnosed concussion). However, again, something happened that gave you a sense that the game might not go as expected—a turnover in the end zone. Matt Ryan, again, through an errant pass that was tipped and eventually intercepted by former-Falcon Dwight Lowery.

The Falcons eventually got on the board, jumping out to a 21-7 lead that included the first two of Patrick DiMarco’s touchdowns this year. However, even that proved to be not enough to leave with a W.

Matt Ryan’s struggles continue


After Devonta Freeman left the game, and even though it didn’t show right away, the Falcon’s offense eventually started to struggle. The injury seemed to knock them out of rhythm, even though Coach Quinn said that they stuck to the game plan throughout. Matt Ryan, proving to be so reliable in the past, did not help the Falcons cause drive-killing errant passes. The offensive line did not play a flawless game, but it probably was good enough to get them this win if given the opportunity.

The running game was non-existent after Freeman left. Newly drafted Falcons’ RB Tevin Coleman didn’t get anything going. He also turned the ball over at the end of the third quarter in Colts’ territory. Even though it didn’t lead to any points, (Hasselbeck was again intercepted by Ricardo Allen) it further gave the Colts momentum that the Falcons sorely needed to finish the game.

In my opinion and to my surprise, what lost us the game was the play of Matt Ryan. Up 21-14 after the Falcons got the ball back after the fumble by Coleman, Ryan threw a horrible interception to D’Qwell Jackson that allowed him to walk right into the end zone and tie the game at 21 all. He claimed he didn’t see Jackson at the line of scrimmage, but still, in that situation, with the Falcons at their own one-yard line, it would have made sense to just run the ball to give them some room to breathe.

Since it was the fourth quarter, there still was a sense of optimism, because Matt Ryan, over his career, had shown that the 4th quarter was where he felt the most comfortable, hence his nickname, “Matty Ice”. However, instead of hearing the usual cheers down the stretch, Matt Ryan was serenaded by boos, and rightfully so. Even though football is a team sport where everyone shares parts of the blame in a loss, one can’t help but feel that if it wasn’t for Ryan making some of the plays that he did in favor of the other team, the Falcons could have walked away with a victory.

The Falcons take another L, with a W nowhere in sight

To be honest, the Falcons really needed to win this game. If they had, they would have moved to 7-3 with a healthy lead in the wild card race, as well as kept pace with the division-leading Panthers. Unfortunately, with the loss the Falcons’ free fall continues and the division is all but wrapped up for Carolina. At this point, the Falcons are only playing for a Wild Card spot, and even that at this point in time, seems bleak.

This loss felt like rock bottom, and as the saying goes, “there is nowhere else to go but up from here”. The Falcons are 6-4 and face a very good Vikings team that was humiliated by the Packers last Sunday. This game will be a must-win. The Falcons have got to find a way to pull this one out because the Seahawks and the Buccaneers, yes the Buccaneers, are breathing down their necks to take over the final wild card spot at 5-5. If they don’t win, they will most likely be on the outside looking in, still with two games left against the undefeated Panthers. If there was ever a time to “rise up”, it must be now.

Final Notes

  • Devonta Freeman left the game in the first quarter with a concussion. He will not play against Minnesota.
  • The Falcons play the Minnesota Vikings (7-3) Sunday at home. Losing four in a row could crush any confidence this team has left.
Wheeler kills Gabbert

Falcons Don’t Show Up in 16-17 Loss to Hapless 49ers

By: Gabriele Watts

The Falcons are a complete mess right now. Once again, the Falcons were done in by their own mistakes, which ultimately cost them a game for the third time in four weeks. Perhaps a little rest to clear the mind and heal up is what is needed—the upcoming bye week could not have come at a better time. It would have been good to go into the bye week on a good note—with a win—but here we are, staring another loss in the face.

For the past couple of weeks, the Falcons have been plagued by turnovers and penalties. Despite saying many times that things will be cleaned up, those words have yet to be translated onto the field.

The Falcons appeared to show something more than what has been their Achilles’ heel lately (turnovers), a seeming lack of effort. The defense, the offense, and even the coaching staff showed no desire to take what they came for, a win. Matt Ryan was uncharacteristically over-throwing his targets. The defense, albeit riddled with injuries, was missing open-field tackles—not to mention letting a forgotten quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, resemble a Hall-of-Famer. The coaching staff, the ones that preach “finishing” a game the right way, became conservative and allowed the 49ers to get the ball back with a chance to run out the clock—which they did. This of course was made much easier when including the badly-challenged play that cost the Falcons a timeout earlier in the half.

The bottom line is, the Falcons seem to have lost their sense of hunger. At the beginning of the season, they were hungry to prove to everyone that their way of playing the game had changed, and it showed with them starting 5-0. Ever since then, it has looked like they, as a team, feel entitled. Entitled to win games that could easily be lost, which has proven to be the case. That sense of entitlement has cost them games and has made the Falcons look how they have looked for the past two years, pathetic.

I have no individual stars this week, as they all need to take a good hard look in the mirror and figure out who they want to be as a team. If the team comes out of the bye with the same underdog mentality they had at the beginning of the season, then they can put themselves in a favorable playoff spot come January. If not, then they will most likely miss the playoffs altogether.

Final Notes

    • Safety Robenson Therezie left the game and did not return due to a hamstring injury.
    •  DE Tyson Jackson left the game with a rib contusion.
    • The Falcons (6-3) next play the Indianapolis Colts (4-5) on Sunday, November 22nd, at 1:00 PM in the Georgia Dome.

Hopefully all who have been injured can come back from the bye week fully healthy and we can get on a roll again! Rise Up!

Julio Jones

Falcons Survive Another Mediocre Outing, Outlast Titans 10-7

By: Gabriele Watts

After 10 days of rest, the Atlanta Falcons came into this week fully healthy—not one single player was listed as questionable on the injury report. One would think that since this was the case, coupled  with the fact that the Titans were without their number-one overall pick at quarterback, a win wouldn’t have been hard to come by. Unfortunately, this would prove to not be the case, as the Falcons had to once again fight ’til the end to secure the win.

Offensive Struggles Continue, but “Defense wins Championships”

For the past couple of weeks, turnovers and other costly mistakes have haunted the Falcons. Going into their mini “bye-week”, the Falcons assuredly thought that they could put an end to those miscues against the Titans. Again, unfortunately, this would prove to not be the case.

The offense started off slow and never really got into a rhythm. For what it’s worth, the Titans offense struggled early on as well, with Mettenberger overthrowing his receivers on his part, and the receivers dropping easy passes on their part. However, as the game wore on into the second quarter and each team trading punts, one could tell that the Falcons were going to be trailing at some point, giving the Titans way too many chances.

As expected, late in the second quarter, Matt Ryan was intercepted in Falcons territory on a tipped pass he was trying to get to Tevin Coleman, but unfortunately, he threw it a little low instead of arching it over the intercepting defender. Of course, the Titans took advantage of this miscue and turned it into a quick seven points with a strike to WR Kendall Wright. The Titans led 7-0 at this point.

Things didn’t get much better for the offense in the first half. Other than a Matt Bryant field goal to decrease the lead to 7-3, a fully healthy, high-powered Falcons offense could not put any other points on the board.

It would have gotten uglier for the Falcons if it wasn’t for MLB Paul Worrilow. At the end of the second quarter with the Titans driving to score, Worrilow picked off Mettenberger in the red zone and almost ran it back to put the Falcons in position to score. However, an unwarranted penalty on O’Brien Schofield cost the Falcons dearly.

Additionally, the refs looked like they missed a facemask penalty on the Falcons that would have negated the interception, but that’s neither here nor there. Neither team scored any points in the final seconds of the half.

Second Half, Second Life

In the second half, the offense and defense picked up the intensity a little bit. The defense in particular started to blitz Mettenberger more. By doing this, the Falcons gave Mettenberger less time in the pocket to make his throws, which led to more three and outs.

On the offense’s part, the Falcons started going more to their “bread and butter” this season, star RB Devonta Freeman. The Titans defense ranks almost last in opponent’s rush yards per game and it absolutely baffled me to see the Falcons throwing the ball so much to start the game, but better late than never. By going with Freeman, the Falcons put themselves in good field position to eventually score on a Julio Jones touchdown to put the Falcons up 10-7.

Devonta Freeman

Towards the end of the game, with the Falcon’s defense doing its job by keeping Mettenberger uncomfortable, the Falcon’s offense found itself in good position to put the game away. However, turnovers again reared their ugly head, this time, in the end zone. With a chance to go up 17-7, the Falcons were at the goal line with a chance. On 2nd and goal, a spectacular Julio Jones catch was not ruled a touchdown, even though it looked like he had gotten the ball across the pylon for the score. At this point, one would think, “no problem”, right?

Atlanta was right near the goal line and with Devonta Freeman playing the way he was, a touchdown would surely be imminent. However, the Falcons chose to get cute and give the ball to their fullback Patrick DiMarco on third down. When that didn’t go as planned, and instead of going with the “easy” three points, they threw it on fourth down to Jacob Tamme, who tipped the ball up into the air—only to have it intercepted.

At this point, it looked like the Falcons were just giving the game away. After another defensive stop, the always reliable Matt Bryant missed a 47-yard field goal to give the Titans one last fighting chance. If it wasn’t for undrafted free-agent Robenson Therezie picking off Mettenberger in Falcons’ territory on the final possession, the Falcons very well could have lost this game after they had 10 full days to clean up their act.

It is obvious that the offense is struggling right now. Kyle Shanahan, in all fairness, has called better games. Matt Ryan, who has been so good for so long, is making mistakes that he shouldn’t be making, and he knows it. However, the Falcons, as a whole, have plenty of time to right the ship before the meaningful games start.

Final Notes:

  • Matt Ryan became the 4th youngest QB to reach 30,000 passing yards.
  • Devonta Freeman with his 116 yards rushing had his third straight game with 100 or more rushing yards. The first Falcons player to accomplish this since Michael Turner in 2009.
  • Safety William Moore and Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson left the game early due to groin and hamstring injuries respectively and did not return.
  • The Falcons (6-1) host the Buccaneers (2-4) next Sunday at the Georgia Dome at 1:00 pm
Robert Alford

Recap: Falcons Win Again in Overtime Thriller vs. Washington

By: Gabriele Watts

If the Atlanta Falcons win over the Washington Redskins wasn’t the definition of a heart stopper, than I don’t know what is. To be honest, there were countless times during the game where the normal fan could have and should have counted the Falcons out. However, with this new coaching staff instilling a new mindset and work ethic among the players, to me, there was never really any doubt that we were going to win in the end.

Shaky start:

For the better part of all four quarters, the Falcons play can be described as absolutely abysmal. On offense in particular, Matt Ryan had three turnovers, (two interceptions and one lost fumble) two of which occurred in Washington territory, the receivers couldn’t seem to get anything going, (Julio Jones AND Roddy White went without any catches in the entire first half) and our kicker, “Mister Reliable” Matt Bryant, uncharacteristically missed not one, but two field goals!

The only bright spot(s) for the majority of the game were the defense and Devonta Freeman. The defense, in my opinion, kept us in the game. To be honest, we probably should have been blown out with the way our offense was playing. Luckily, however, our defense held the Redskins – a team who lead the league in rushing yards per game – to a season-low 51 yards rushing. Although they didn’t continually get pressure on QB Kirk Cousins, (which is something they must improve on going forward) the Falcons’ defense did the best they could to keep the Redskins out of the red zone for much of the day, which helped out a lot.

Devonta Freeman quite simply was an absolute beast again. Almost every play he was involved in resulted in positive yardage. Although all of his hard work didn’t really show up point-wise until the fourth quarter, it was because of him that the time of possession was in our favor (which kept the ball away from the Redskins and gave our defense a chance to rest at critical points in the game).

Ice Too Nice:

Can anyone really count out Matt Ryan at the end of games if he has a chance to win them? I don’t think so. Yet again, the Redskins left too much time on the clock after they eventually scored on a bad interception thrown by Ryan. With just a little over two minutes left in the game, Matty Ice again drove us down the field to put us in position to win (coupled with a nice pass completion to Roddy White that brought the crowd to its feet chanting, “Rod-dy! Rod-dy!”). This is where, for me, the blood pressure began to rise. With little time remaining, Ryan threw a beautiful pass to Devonta Freeman for what looked like a touchdown. However, the officials eventually ruled that Freeman did not fully possess the ball all the way to ground and therefore instead of six, we were handed a 4th and 2.

As one could imagine, the blood pressure is at an all-time high at this point. Thankfully, Ryan completed a quick pass to who other than, Roddy White. To be truthful, at first glance, I thought the pass hit the ground and was incomplete, which would have effectively ended the game. However, THANK GOD FOR RODDY WHITE!! A couple of plays later, Devonta Freeman showed why he just won’t be denied. Breaking tackles and juking defenders out of their shoes, Freeman willed himself and his teammates to a hard fought TD with only twenty one seconds left in the game.

Free Football!

To everyone’s surprise, with little time left, Kirk Cousins led his team down the field to put them in field goal range, and sure enough, the Redskins hit the field goal to tie the game up 19 all to send the game into overtime. As for overtime, the Redskins got the ball first and were driving when the Dirty Birds rose up. Once again, the Falcons defense, although they played really well for the most part, hadn’t really been able to get pressure on Cousins the whole game. During this first possession in overtime, they did.

On 2nd and 8 with the ball near midfield, the Falcons pinned their ears back and went after Cousins, causing him to make an errant throw (in his defense, his receiver fell down). That throw landed right in the hands of CB Robert Alford, who earlier had a game-altering pass interference call go against him. Alford took it to the house for six and the game as we knew it, was over. The Falcons moved to 5-0.

I just love this team’s resilency! What a game!

Final Notes:

  • Starting center Mike Person left the game with an ankle injury late in the game. Backup center James Stone took over for him. With the Saints coming up on Thursday night, expect Stone to be in the starting lineup if in fact, Person misses any more practice time.
  • WR Leonard Hankerson left the game before halftime with a rib injury but was able to return in the second half.
Devonta Freeman

Recap: Falcons Fight Back Once Again For 39-28 Win Over Cowboys

By: Gabriele Watts

If you are a Falcons fan, then you’re probably used to the occasional heart-stopping, back and forth, change-in-score game, with the Falcons almost never coming out on top as of late. On Sunday, however, the game between the Cowboys and Falcons seemed to have a different feel to it than those from the past, and surprisingly, the good guys (Falcons) were the last team standing.

A Tale of Two Halves

Coming into this game, many people speculated that the Falcons would have no trouble jumping out to an early lead and keeping it throughout, because of the fact that the Cowboys are decimated with injuries to key players on offense and defense (i.e. Dez Bryant & Tony Romo). However, that proved to not be the case, as the new starting quarterback for the team, Brandon Weeden, orchestrated a near perfect first half. Besides Weeden throwing 13 straight completions, (had an INT late in the second quarter) the run game was also effective, with Joseph Randle gashing the Falcons with huge chunks of yardage and multiple touchdowns.

To everyone’s surprise, including my own, this newly revamped, Dan Quinn-led defense suddenly could not tackle properly, couldn’t put pressure on a shaky-at-best quarterback, and couldn’t keep up with what the Cowboys were doing at all. To be honest, after the Cowboys had run it down our throats on consecutive drives for touchdowns, in unison with successfully stopping our offense, I was ready to mail it in. I thought that the Cowboys’ momentum was too great and the Falcons had no chance to win, much less, even keep up. Clearly, I was still living in the Mike Smith era.

Fortunately, the Falcons did just enough to keep themselves in the game in the first half. With two touchdowns by Devonta Freeman and a field goal that was the result of a masterful 40 second drive by Matty Ice, the Falcons had the Cowboys right where they wanted them.

To start the second half, the Falcons defense looked inspired and ready to play. They successfully were able to stop the run, as well as those little short passes over the middle that Weeden grew accustomed to throwing in the first half. With the defense showing some fight, the offense started to pick up as well. We all know what Julio Jones can do, and yes, he did it again, finishing with 12 catches for 164 yards and 2 TDs.

Jones set an NFL record for receptions through the first 3 games with 34. He is currently on pace for over 180 catches for over 2,200 yards, which would both be NFL records. However, in my opinion, Jones wasn’t the MVP of the game.

All Day Devonta

The MVP turned out to be Devonta Freeman, the second-year RB out of the national champion, Florida State Seminoles. He finished with an incredible 30 carries for 141 yards and 3 tocuhdowns! Freeman became the only running back to rush for 100+ yards and three touchdowns in a game since the days of Michael Turner.

For me, I was extremely proud and happy for Devonta. You can tell he works very hard at his craft and cares deeply about his teammates. Who would have thought that he would be the one to put the team on his back and essentially carry them to victory?

In the end, all I have to say is Dan Quinn is doing a heck of a job with this team. They never give up, no matter the circumstances. Quinn’s Falcons are the first team in NFL history to start 3-0 after trailing in the 4th quarter of all three games. He’s got this team believing that they can win any and all of their games. That, to me, is recipe for success. Who knows, maybe even a recipe for a “super” season.

Final Notes

  • TE Jacob Tamme left the game and did not return due to a concussion.
  • FS Ricardo Allen left the game due to a leg injury as well, but eventually returned to the game.
  • The Falcons return home next week to face the Houston Texans. Look out for Brooks Reed—something tells me he’ll be playing in this game against his former team.
Julio Jones

Recap: Falcons Beat Eagles 26-24

By: Gabriele Watts

It feels pretty great to be an Atlanta Falcons fan right now! On Monday night, the best stage in the NFL to make a statement and prove that your team has playoff aspirations, the Falcons did just that with a hard fought victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. It wasn’t easy for sure. There were times towards the latter part of the game where one may have said, “Here we go again” but thankfully, our Falcons pulled it out and now it’s “On to New York”! Let’s recap how the Falcons pulled out an impressive comeback win to start the Dan Quinn era.

Fast Start

The Falcons came out firing on practically all cylinders. The defense especially looked great to start the game. They worked together to constantly get pressure on the Eagles’ QB Sam Bradford, who himself, was seeing his first amount of regular season game time in quite a while. There really wasn’t one specific player, in my opinion, who made all the plays on defense. Again, it was more of a collective effort. Guys like O’Brien Schofield, Adrian Clayborn, Justin Durant, Paul Worrilow, and even the rookies Grady Jarrett and Vic Beasley, practically lived in the backfield for the majority of the first half. While they didn’t get a sack, they were able to still, continuously, hit Bradford causing him to make ill-advised throws (one in particular late in the second quarter, was picked off by veteran SS William Moore). To put it simply, the usually fast-paced and electrifying offense of the Philadelphia Eagles was largely held in check in the first half (ATL held last year’s NFL leader in rushing yards and newly-acquired RB DeMarco Murray to just 4 rushes for -4 yards in the first half and as whole, held the Eagles to just three points).

As for the offense, they got off to a pretty good start as well. On the first drive in particular, Matt Ryan led the offense right down the field only to come up just short of a touchdown. The Falcons ended up settling for an always reliable Matt Bryant field goal. The second offensive drive of the half was a good one as well, however, it ended horribly in a beautiful INT play, I must say, by Eagles LB Kiko Alonso. The rest of the way, it was all Julio Jones. To me, the guy is literally unreal. He proved all night that Eagles CB Byron Maxwell was no match for him, as Maxwell showed that he could not cover Jones one-on-one. I wouldn’t feel bad for Maxwell however, because quite frankly, no one in the NFL has proven that they are up to that task up to this point. Thanks to Jones and a few clutch kicks by Matt Bryant, the Falcons entered halftime with a ‘seemingly” comfortable 20-3 lead.

Third Quarter Woes

If there is one thing that I saw last night that quite possibly could have been carried over from the Mike Smith era, it was the fact that the Falcons came out absolutely flat to start the third quarter. On the first possession of the quarter, Matt Ryan threw a bad pass down the middle of the field that was intercepted by former Seahawks S Walter Thurmond. This clearly put the momentum in the hands of the Eagles, as much of the third quarter was undoubtedly theirs. To keep it short, the Falcons got thrashed. The Eagles’ fast-paced play got the better of them, as the Falcons’ defense was quite visibly gassed. The Falcons’ offense, which was humming like a well-oiled machine in the first half, could not sustain drives, and Sam Bradford was beginning to heat up. I have no idea why the Falcons have made it a habit to come out of halftime cold on several occasions. Because of this, they almost gave this game away. This, to me, has to be a point of emphasis going forward. They have to learn how to quite simply, put games away and keep their feet on the gas when necessary.

The Finish

After an abysmal third quarter, the fourth quarter is where we started to see glimpses of what we saw in the first half. The Falcons were able to sustain a couple of their offensive drives that didn’t end in touchdowns, however, but ended in much needed field goals by again, the ever-reliable, 40-year old, Matt Bryant. That didn’t seem to stop the Eagles momentum however. Their offense was still able to move down the field seemingly at will. It wasn’t until a third-down stop by Paul Worrilow and a missed field goal by Eagles K Cody Parkey that momentum started to swing in the Falcons’ favor.

Eventually, the Falcons had the ball with a little over two minutes left, right where they wanted to be. All they had to do was get the first down and the game would be sealed. However, as we all know, it’s not a Falcons’ game if nail-biting isn’t involved at some point in the game. The Eagles were able to get the ball back at the two-minute warning, but thanks to a nice special-teams tackle by Levine Toilolo, they didn’t have favorable field position. This time, unlike many times in the past, the Falcons’ defense rose up to the challenge and was able to seal the game on a spectacular diving interception play by Ricardo Allen, the hard-working corner turned safety.

There is no other way to put it, this was a great game. The Falcons were able to send a clear message to the rest of the NFC South and quite frankly, the entire NFL that with time, they could be a formidable force come playoff time.

Final NoteThe Falcons signed veteran OT Jake Long earlier today. This move provides depth for an offensive line that looked to hold up well on Monday night.

Up next: The Falcons (1-0) play the New York Giants (0-1) next week in Atlanta’s first road game of the season.

Malliciah Goodman

Predicting the Falcons’ Final Roster Cuts

By Al Baskurt

With the preseason finally behind us, it’s time to look at the players who, as a result of either poor play or circumstance, may not make the Falcons’ 53-man roster. Obviously, there are a few questions: how many receivers will the team carry? Two or three quarterbacks? How much patience will they show for younger players? These are unknowns to us on the outside, but we can at least try and rationalize some of the potential decisions. Here are the players I predict won’t make the final cut.

  1. CB Dezmen Southward – Southward was a questionable pickup in the third round of last year’s draft. While he was originally brought in under the old coaching staff as a safety, he had the physical traits desired by Dan Quinn to play corner. Unfortunately, while Southward always had the measurables, he could never quite put together the mental side of the game, and this preseason only reinforced that. He looked bad this preseason, and it seems unlikely that he’ll have a spot on the final roster.
  2. CB Travis Howard
  3. DB Jonathon Mincy (update: waived)
  4. LB Terrell Manning
  5. LB Derek Akunne
  6. FB Patrick DiMarco – DiMarco was locked into a battle with Colin Mooney for the team’s fullback spot. It’s been close, but the edge goes to Mooney.  
  7. G Adam Replogle
  8. G Eric Lefeld – Lefeld was just re-signed by the team after the poor showing by the offensive line against Miami. With injuries and caution keeping potential starters off the field against the Ravens, Lefeld is probably just a fill-in.
  9. S Sean Baker
  10. S Akeem King – The team’s final draft choice will likely wind up on the practice squad.  
  11. T Matt Huffer
  12. TE D.J. Tialavea
  13. WR Eric Weems – Weems has been a staple on special teams during his two separate stints with the Falcons, but unfortunately his value is pretty slim on offense. With other strong additions to the special teams unit, I think Weems is expendable, if only to make room for another potential contributor on offense (Nick Williams perhaps?).  
  14. WR Carlton Mitchell
  15. RB Terron Ward – Ward impressed in the early weeks of training camp, but he’s really seemed to cool down, especially during the preseason games. While it could be on account of the poor run blocking (none of the team’s RBs could do much of anything), he will probably be cut as a result. Look for him to wind up on the team’s practice squad, if anything.  
  16. DE Sam Meredith
  17. DE Mallichiah Goodman – Goodman’s best hope to make the team was on special teams, and other guys have made a big enough impact to push him out.
  18. QB T.J. Yates – Yates has been pretty bad this preseason, and his play has been uninspiring throughout his Falcons’ tenure.

Which of these players do you think the Falcons will keep?